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A job interview is an experience every person goes through at least once in a lifetime. And just before the interview there is a phase where we ask people, watch videos , read upon dressing tips etc so that you present yourself well. For example you might not want to dress up like Lady Gaga to an interview for the position of a professor (you don’t want to dress like that anywhere actually). It’s the same with choosing fonts for your videos. You have to make sure that the font you choose compliments the video and resonates well with the content and theme of your video.

Before delving into the list of fonts, let’s try to understand the factors that should influence your decision while choosing a font. Here are 3 things you can consider while choosing a font:

(a) Appropriateness

This is crucial. What you pick should seem appropriate to your audience and to the content you wish to convey through the video. Try writing up a legal document with Comic Sans font and give it to your customer or client and you can surely expect a stare in return.

(b) Topic

While choosing a font for a video, it is essential to think of the content that is involved, which domain the video’s related to (education, science, art, culinary etc). A cooking video about ‘Paneer Tikka’ could get interesting and engaging with a title using Samarkan which is a Hindi looking font for English language.

(c) Individuality

Font is a great way to leave a mark about your brand and use it well! If you are a lifestyle blogger, you need to make sure that the fonts you choose brings out the uniqueness in your blog which will also help people differentiate you from the rest (in a good way!).

Let’s now throw light onto 10 of the best free fonts according to the topic or domain they could be best used in.

10 free fonts
Now that we have your attention, scroll down.

1. Nunito (Art)

Nunito is a trademark of typeface designer Vernon Adams. Mainly designed as a display font, Nunito can also be used as a text font. Hence using Nunito is a great choice for all your videos. Use it for the intro of your video or as name cards or even the main body to explain a particular concept, it just fits there all perfectly. Nunito is a great font for videos about art. Art expresses conceptual clarity, strength and elegance which Nunito compliments well. You can download Nunito from Google Fonts.

Nunito on Art videos
Nunito on Art videos

2. Raleway (Education)

Raleway is mainly designed for headings and other large size usage. It makes a good case for usage on videos as videos ask for expressive and interactive fonts that can catch the audience’s attention easily. Raleway is a typeface available for free online, and can also be found in online design softwares such as Canva. Raleway is free to use and can be downloaded from Google Fonts.

Raleway on Education videos
Raleway on Education videos

3. Roboto (Business)

Roboto is designed and developed by Google and is the system font for the Mobile Operating System- Android. Roboto is described as modern yet approachable which is also why it fits into the category of business easily. Another great option that can be used in the field of business is Calibre but again for the ones willing to pay. Here’s the link to use Roboto from Google Fonts.

Roboto on Business videos
Roboto on Business videos

4. Volkorn (Social Media)

Volkorn was designed by Friedrich Althausen and is great to be used for the web and print. Volkorn is considered modest and well to work with almost everything. You may use it for the beginning titles of your video or as name cards while your interviewees speak, it’s fine everywhere. We feel they are great for short videos on social media popularly called snackable content. You can use Volkorn using Google Fonts.

Volkorn on Social Media videos
Volkorn on Social Media videos

5. Sifonn (Entertainment)

Sifonn is designed by Rafa Goicoechea and is a great choice for those modern and interesting designs you opt to make. Sifonn is neutral and can easily catch your attention which is one of features you need while adding text on a video with content on the lines of Entertainment. The font can be downloaded online for free and also be found in Canva. You can download Sifonn for free here.

Sifonn on Entertainment videos
Sifonn on Entertainment videos

6. Josefin Sans (Science)

Santiago Orozco designed Josefin Sans focusing on making it geometric and elegant. Josefin Sans is a great choice for Science topics as the typeface is clear, simple and elegant. Most of the scientific videos found online focus more on the visuals, yet the texts involved will grab the audience’s eyes and keep them glued to the video till the end. Josefin Sans can be downloaded for free, but for those willing to pay, Neutraface would be a great choice. Google Fonts lets you use Josefin Sans for free.

Josefin Sans for Science videos
Josefin Sans on Science videos

7. Quando (News)

Quando depicts the brushy letters seen during the era of the Second World War on posters. Quando is a flexible kind and appears good in small and large sizes. As the typeface is great for the screen, it is a definite choice for your videos too. Quando offers clarity and familiarity which proves it to be one of the versatile kind and can easily fit into a variety of fields. Quando and News videos can be a great combination. You can use Quando for free, thanks to Google Fonts.

Quando on News videos
Quando on News videos

8. Cantora One (Food/Beverage)

Cantora One is a friendly and semi formal typeface hence fitting perfectly into the field of Food and Beverages. Aspects such as hand lettering and natural curves add to the beauty of Cantora One and can easily incorporate those recipes on your video frame. You can download Cantora One here.

Cantora One on Food and Beverage videos
Cantora One on Food and Beverage videos

9. Norwester (Automotive)

Norwester is an appropriate choice for the Automotive industry. Designed by Jamie Wilson, Norwester is a condensed geometric sans serif with uppercase, numbers and an assortment of symbols. Norwester, we believe, is a great font to pen automotive video stories. Norwester can be downloaded and used for free.

Norwester on automotive videos
Norwester on automotive videos

10. Old Standard (Religion/Spirituality)

Old Standard is a specific type of modern serif typeface used in various editions of the 19th and 20th century. Old Standards stands to be a great choice for videos based around the concepts of religion and Spirituality. Similar typeface that is another great choice for this field is Traulha. But Traulha is for the ones willing to purchase the premium font. You can download and use Old Standard from Google Fonts.

Old Standard on Religion videos
Old Standard on Religion videos

All the above mentioned fonts are available online for free. All you got to do is select and just add it to your collection. Hope you loved the list of top 10 free fonts. Please share your thoughts on them and open up about what fonts you use on your videos.

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