3 simple steps to reduce video design time by half


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So you start making a video from the beginning. Once you’re done with uploading media assets and text, you start fixing small and big elements like text style, a transition between clips, text duration, image duration, etc. etc. etc.

You spent 20-30 mins in creating, designing, and perfecting a video.

And Voila, you created a commendable piece of work.

Now you have to create multiple videos in the same style.


How much time do you think you need to create a similar video from scratch?

Instead of being distressed with your estimation, try out these ideas that will help you reduce the time spent on making those videos by half.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Duplicate or copy your project:

Are you planning to repurpose one video for multiple platforms, be it for an Instagram story, a letterbox format video for your Facebook feed, or a widescreen video for YouTube? If yes, Typito enables you to replicate the same video project in multiple aspect ratios. All you need to do is duplicate or copy the project and click on edit. You can resize your video by selecting your desired aspect ratio. Just a few finishing touches to your video before exporting it, and it’s ready to rock.

Step 1:

Duplicate or copy your project

Step 2:

Video aspect ratios for social media

2. Save text style as templates:

You also have the freedom to customize your own text design and animation for your videos on Typito. Try and play around with font style, background shape, and font colors to design a text animation according to your brand guideline, and remember to save it. 
 Save text as template for videos

Later when you’re making a video on Typito, you will see these saved text style and animations as a template in the Text section on the left panel. You can select and apply them in your projects to keep your videos brand-complaint and consistent in style.

 3. Animate as group:

This feature comes handy when you want to apply the same animation style on multiple elements on the video. When you’re adding individual components (text and background) to your project, animate as group feature makes animating your text, background image, and logo easier and accurate. You can drag and select everything on a video clip and animate it together in one go.

animate as group on Typito


P.S. Check these cool pre-designed text templates only if you want a professional touch to your videos in minutes.


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