Complete Guide to Add Engaging Subtitles to Your YouTube Video


Subtitles are a very important aspect of videos. It can make the viewer engage with the concepts and ideas shared in the video than just plainly viewing it. If you are a YouTube video creator or a video marketer, you need to make your videos likable and shareable across the social media and channels to stay ahead of the competition.

Videos with attractive open and closed captions, highlighted texts, and subtitles grab people’s attention. It will also make your video likable on YouTube a well as shareable on Facebook, IGTV and other major platforms. In this blog, we present you a complete guide to add engaging subtitles to your YouTube video. 

Why Subtitles are Important?

How to add Engaging Subtitles to Your YouTube Video

You can add subtitles for YouTube videos in two ways. You can directly go the YouTube Video Manager, select your video and add subtitles manually. The other way is to use Typito to easily add subtitles and upload directly to YouTube.  

The method to upload subtitles via the YouTube Video Manager is as follows:

1. Upload a File:

In this option, you can go with a text transcript or a subtitle file you already have. You can directly upload from your computer via using the “ choose file” option and then hit the “upload” button.

youtube subtitles upload

2. Transcribe and Auto Sync:

In this option, you can type in everything that’s spoken in the video in the box. You need to click “Set timings” to automatically synchronize your subtitle text with the speech in the video.

youtube transcribe and auto sync

3. Create new Subtitles or CC

To create subtitles manually, you need to follow the steps explained below.


youtube video manager

youtube subtitles add language


youtube select subtitiles add method

Select Create new subtitles or CC.

youtube how to add subtitles

Now you know how to add manual subtitles. Let’s now see how to add permanent subtitles in Videos.

Things to take care while adding permanent subtitles

When adding permanent subtitles, you need to consider:

Now, let’s take a look at how to add permanent subtitles to Videos.

You can use Typito Video Editor to add permanent subtitles. You can add highlighted texts, captions as well as subtitles in Typito Editor to create engaging videos. If you don’t have a Typito account, you can sign up for free from here.

typito get started

After you have successfully logged in, its time to add some subtitles to make it more engaging.  First, You need to upload your new video to the editor. You can easily upload via the “Upload Media” option. 

typito video upload

After you have uploaded your video, you need to go to the “TEXT” tab. From this tab, you need to select “ Add a Subtitle” option.

add subtitle with typito

After you have clicked on the “Add a Subtitle” option, a box will appear on the right side of the video editing screen. The box has many options like transparency, fond selection, text color selection and more.

typito subtitle box screen

You can choose the ideal font that matches the video, and input text that will run in synchronization with the characters and their dialogues. Use the timeline editor to carefully place the subtitles.

Careful Placing of Subtitles

At the bottom of the editor, you can see the timeline frame stretcher. You can stretch or contract the timeline of your video using the “Plus” and “minus” icon to your desired position. This feature lets you place the text synchronized with the dialogue delivery.

typito subtitle adding with opacity

After you have placed the text, you can adjust the background color of the text or make it transparent or opaque according to your needs. The “Opacity” tool will help you to make it easier for the viewer to read the subtitles.

Typito - rick and morty

You can follow the same procedure to add subtitle for youtube videos wherever your video demands. After carefully placing subtitles, you can then play the video from start to end to check whether all the subtitle blocks are right in place. To adjust the position of the subtitles, you can easily select the block you want to move and adjust its position with the help of the timeline editor. 

Typito video export

Along with subtitles, attractive captions can make your short social media video posts engaging. You can go through our wide range of caption templates collection and add it to your short videos. Now, after you have edited the whole video with permanent subtitles, its time to export the video to your computer for uploading on YouTube. You can also directly upload your video to YouTube from the Typito video editor itself. 

If you are new to Typito, then you can through the website and make yourself at home by creating a lifetime free Typito account from hereTo have you get started with Typito, we will send you articles per week that include, Typito tip and tricks, video production tricks and other contents to make you a superb video creator. Get Started.  


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