How to Highlight Text on Videos like a PRO


It’s a no-brainer why text is very important on a video today. According to Facebook, text augments the video watching experience on the biggest social network since around 85% of the videos on Facebook is watched in mute mode. Text clearly enables the creator to communicate the gist of the video in such situations when audio can’t be of much help. This phenomenon can also be seen on other social networks like Instagram and Twitter and of late YouTube content creators have also started paying attention to adding text overlays to engage with their audience better.

The most important aspect to consider while adding text is to make sure they are readable and beautiful. While beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, there are certainly ways to make sure that text on videos look elegant and engaging. That’s what Typito is trying to solve using its library of stylised motion graphic templates. Creators can use Adobe After Effects grade text animations with a few clicks on Typito. While that’s a topic for another fine day, we want to help you learn the most popular ways of making text readable and how to highlight the important aspects of a message. Let’s dive right in:

1. Text with Shadow

One of the most commonly used technique to make text readable is adding shadow. It’s also useful if you think that good old simple text can convey your message better. Let’s see how Typito lets you do it:

Text with shadow improves readability
Text with shadow improves readability

2. Text with a Background

The most common way to highlight and make your text readable is to add a background shape or image that contrasts well with the text. If you think you can’t lose out on the video content that’s hidden behind the shape, feel free to add some transparency to the shape. This ensures that the messaging doesn’t get lost with the changing video content.

Text with a contrasting background gets your attention easily.
Text with a contrasting background gets your attention easily.

3. Highlighted Text

This is a very recent trend that can be observed across videos on Facebook and Instagram. They basically have the background of the text field filled with a colour that contrasts well with the text. Remember the highlighter tool in Microsoft Word? This is not very different. While highlighter gets the job done quicker, it might not give you the customisability that a background shape can provide. However, there is no doubt that highlighters can get the job done fast and easy. Typito offers certain templates that have in-built highlighters and you can use them the way you want.

Highlighted text is very popular among social media videos
Highlighted text is very popular among social media videos

4. Multi Colour Text

You might have certain phrases in your text that demands more attention. Multi-colour is the way to go if you want to highlight them better. Typito lets you add multi-colour on all templates as well as text fields. Here’s how you can do it:

You can highlight important terms in a line using a different colour
You can highlight important terms in a line using a different colour

Hope you liked the quick refresher on how to highlight text on videos. We also created a quick video that covers all the ways to highlight text on video. Hope you like it!

Please comment below about other ways you use to get your text on videos reach the audience effectively.

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