How to Create a Fitness Video with Timer Animation [Step by Step Tutorial]


As fitness and wellness studios realize the benefits of building an online presence to engage with their clients and the broader community, videos have started to play a significant role. A workout video is a perfect mix of engaging visuals, on-beat audio, and text animations to grab the attention of the viewer. Videos make content more comprehensible and can help reach out to a more extensive and diverse audience base, across geographies, unlike other content forms.

In this post, let us walk you through a step by step tutorial of how you can create a highly engaging fitness video with timer animations, on your own. You can check out the following video tutorial, or scroll down to read the step by step instructions.

Here, we will take the example of a ‘Workout with me’ video. This type of video thrills the viewer and makes them want to spend time and subscribe to your sessions/classes. Video design elements like the text animations are used to add context and information to engage the viewer.

In Follow Along (Workout with me) videos, the instructor performs a gym or a fitness routine with recommended breaks. The viewer can watch and participate in the workout routine along with the instructor. This video type includes a timer on either of the top corners, which counts down or up the duration of each exercise and mid-breaks.

There are four major steps to this tutorial:

  1. Creating an Impactful Intro
  2. Adding countdown and count up Timers
  3. Adding Branded Lower Thirds
  4. Adding an Outro to the video

Let’s begin with the tutorial. Head over to, and log in. Click on New Project and choose the right format for the video. Assuming this particular video is for YouTube – Go ahead and choose the standard, recommended 16:9 video format.
Choosing the format for the video
Upload the video file. This part is relatively straightforward. Once the video has been uploaded, click ‘New Project.’
Upload the media file

1. Creating an impactful Intro

Intro text animations give the context of what is in for the viewer throughout the video. Intros help to create a striking first impression of your brand. For instance, the title ’10 Minute Abs Workout” prepares you for the rest of the video.

Go to the Text Tab and click the “Titles” button to get a list of beautiful title templates. You can choose to make the intro text bold to add more flair to the video.

Titles Menu from the text tab

Choose the text template of your choice and click on it to place it on the video. You can edit the text and also change the color into something which is more brand compliant.


The duration of an Intro is usually 5 – 10 seconds long. You can go ahead and adjust the template overlay accordingly . Add the name of the fitness instructor. This can help add a personal touch to the video.


Apart from this, also add additional information about the fitness routine. For instance, mention the total number of reps and the number of exercises.

A simple title overlay is sufficient for a Follow Along with type workout video. But it is crucial to ensure that the text is readable. Use a subtle background shape of a contrasting color to ensure this.

You can add a background shape to the text by going to the Images tab and clicking on the option ‘shapes’. You can choose a shape that would be the best compliment for your text animation. Click on it, and the shape will pop up on the video as an overlay.


Click on the ‘placement’ option to place the shape behind the text.


If needed, you can resize the shape by selecting it, clicking, and then dragging the handles to cover the full video frame. We also suggest you reduce the opacity of the shape to something between 60-65. Adjust the color so that it contrasts well with the text color, and we are done! Now we can successfully move from part one to part two.


2. Adding a Timer Template

Typito provides you a range of beautifully animated countdown and count-up timer templates. To choose the one that fits your needs, go to the Typito Templates gallery.

Click on the timer templates tag and choose something of your choice. The Rhythm Count Up Timer is one of our favorites. It is simple and subtle and a perfect addition to the project. To use the template – click on it and open the template details page. On this page, you can preview the timer animation by playing around with the timing, colors, or even different fonts. Once this is done, click on the Save button.

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 3.52.25 PM

To place the timer animation on your video, go back to the project page and refresh the page. The template you just saved will appear in the saved menu in the Text Tab – To add it to the video – all you have to do is click on the template thumbnail.


Placement is everything. The size of the timer should not be too small that the audience finds it difficult to see and follow; neither should it be too big that it distracts the user from workout happening on screen.

Drag the template onto the top right corner of the video. Once you get the placement right – you can adjust the timer duration. It’s super easy with Typito.


As you click on the timer template, a menu pops up. On the left side, you can see the option to change the duration – type in length required. Based on the exercise and reps, you can allot the period.


The upward arrow icon indicates a count-up timer, and a downward arrow icon indicates a countdown timer. For the duration of a specific routine, A count-up timer is preferable.

Whereas a countdown timer can be used for the duration of any rest between two routines or exercises.

A crucial element when it comes to a follow-along fitness video is to keep the audience informed about the different exercises. Therefore, let’s add the current exercise name and adjust the duration accordingly.


3. Adding a Lower Third

In the next part of the tutorial, let’s look at how to add a lower third in the video.

Lower third templates enable you to inform the audience of what is next in the fitness routine and use an image placeholder to showcase your brand. Such templates can also be used to equip the video with more particulars on the routine to be performed.

Go back to the Text Tab and click on the ‘Branded’ option to browse through branded lower third templates.

Choose a branded template of your choice and click on it to add it to the video.


Add the text that is needed. We recommend you add the name of the exercise that’ll appear next in the video. In the image placeholder, you can add a profile picture of the fitness instructor featured in the video.

Place the template in a way that catches the eye of the viewer but isn’t too distracting and make sure you adjust the duration.


After the lower third is added for one exercise, you can copy and save the style and reuse it across different parts of the video.

To improve your business’ video marketing efforts, pay attention to adding a logo.

Online fitness studios are increasing rapidly, and it is crucial to distinguish from others and establish your brand among the viewers. Workout with me videos should include the brand logo along with other brand essentials. This can help identify the fitness studio/center every time a video is produced.

Go to the Images tab and click on the ‘+’ button to browse through your system files and upload your logo. Click on the logo in the Images Tab to add it to the video. The next step is to resize and place it on either corner of the video. The last part is to adjust the opacity of the logo.


4. Adding an Outro

While the Intros help establish the intent of the video, outros help end the video with a call to action (CTA) that warrants a response from the viewer. The CTA can vary from asking viewers to sign up for a scheduled class to following on social media.

For a fitness workout video, you can add an outro asking the viewers to follow the business on other social media channels.

Go back to the Text Tab and choose an appropriate ‘Social Media’ template to use as a call-to-action.

Social media menu

You can opt to have a CTA for one social media channel or multiple. Most fitness videos commonly ask the viewers to follow the business on Instagram and YouTube for more workout videos and tips.

We recommend you ensure to closely match the colors in the outro with the brand colors. Drag the templates to the desired position. The center of the video is a good option.


Now you can preview the video and ensure that motion graphic text animation templates are compliant with the studio’s brand guidelines. Including brand fonts and colors in all videos is excellent to ensure brand recall.

If the video looks good, click Export. And we are done.

Export the video

Glad to see that you made it till here. Now that you’ve explored the steps involved to create a fitness video that engages and converts, we hope you feel ready to get started and try creating videos on your with Typito.


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